Just Do It Now, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization presently serving Wharton and adjoining counties. It was founded in June of 2000 by Greg Baines. His personal experiences in the at-risk community enlightened him to the true needs of those individuals who continue to slip through the cracks of society. His understanding of the needs of these individuals propelled him into a personal campaign of "loving the community back to health".


To assist all individuals, at-risk or otherwise, in changing the things which keep them from inner peace


To be a leader in the community that represents and actively promotes the opportunity for individual change, development and empowerment.

Brief History

Just Do It Now, (JDIN) is faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit, serving the Wharton community, with a host of programs and services that meets the needs of low-income families, children, parents, senior citizens, individuals, and couples.

JDIN also works with those that life has thrown them a curb ball and they are struggling to overcome a challenge. JDIN helps overcome that challenge so they can move forward in a healthier and better lifestyle.

JDIN’s founder, Mr. Greg Baines, opened the doors of the organization after many life changing mistakes, and made a vow to help others before they paid the consequences that he had paid.  

In 1994, he made a personal decision to change and began the concept of Just Do It Now with spiritual changes, which would be the prescription for his lasting changes.

Greg began the "Beat the Streets" Campaign for hands on services in the areas where he had made his most damaging mistakes. These areas include the 3rd Ward, West Bellfort (Southwest Houston), Rosenberg/Richmond, Texas, Bay City, Texas and Westside of Wharton, Texas.

By 1999, Greg’s centralized focus was in Wharton, pushing a lawn mower, passing out coffee and counseling throughout the West End community of Wharton.

In 1999, he married, and together him and his bride, who became Greg’s partner in forming the organization, held the first formal meeting of JDIN at Dr. Rosenberg's home in Greenwood.

In 2000, Just Do It Now became a 501(c)(3) exempt organization determination from the IRS , and Greg received his counseling certifications from Therapon Institute. Greg immediately began active faith-based counseling curriculum for clients and outpatient in a substance abuse treatment program for individuals and in group sessions.

The SCRAP program was born during this time as it represented obvious physical needs within the community which initiated the opportunity for relationship building with the at-risk community, the organization’s target population.

Other programs followed such as Yes WE Can youth program, and more were on Greg’s drawing board as he began to understand the needs of the community.

Greg understood the importance of collaboration and partnerships within the community and began to build strong relationships throughout Wharton. Partnerships were soon growing in number with the City of Wharton, probation departments, city and county judges, parole, etc. He also initiated a partnership with Wharton Junior College to provide a GED program. Greg also partnered with Wharton Emergency Management and Red Cross to house, feed and service over 200 Katrina evacuees, and Wharton Training Alumni Association of ex- students.

Even though Greg passed away 2014, his example, beliefs in helping our fellow man, his deep faith and commitment to JDIN, continue today throughout the organization and remains our inspiration.