Rental Facility Information



Make the Dawson Center part of your special occasion or business function. JDIN allows the facility to be rented by qualified individuals or companies for approved events.
Please be sure to download our Rental Policy for all requirements and guidelines.



The table below summaries the cost of renting the facilities at DCRC. This cost includes only the time allotted for the event.
If more time is needed, additional fees will be assessed.


Fee Schedule


Per Hour
Max Per Day
 Whole Facility
Additional charges may apply including costs for off-hours air conditioning/heating. See rental agreement for more details.
Just Do It Now and the DCRC are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen articles. Lost and found articles are kept for one (1) week only.


    • Reservations are made through the main office M-F 9:00 to 5:00
    • Reservations are first come first serve
    • Renters are responsible for all clean up inside and outside as necessary
    • Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs are prohibited on the premises
    • JDIN reserves the right to deny rentals for any reason